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Our Values

We believe in the Entrepreneurial Dream:

The Entrepreneurial Dream is the universal belief that, if you are passionate about what you do and are prepared to take some risks (and then work hard enough, smart enough and long enough) you can create a business legacy that endures.


We make this a reality for our clients and ourselves by demonstrating:

  • Passion for excellence;

  • Courage and candour; 

  • Generosity of spirit; 

  • Integrity; and

  • Personal regard.


Our Story

Our founder, Paul Hawkins, escaped from corporate life in 2005, after working in over 20 countries and a decade of acting for corporate multi-nationals.This experience proved invaluable when a friend and entrepreneur was approached by a US multi-national that wished to acquire his business. Paul agreed to represent the business to bridge the gap between listed and private company worlds and MergeCo International was born.

With the help of his partner, Rosanna, and several other seasoned executives from similar corporate M&A (merger and acquisition) backgrounds, Paul formed the MergeCo executive team and set about improving transaction outcomes when multi-nationals get together with outstanding private companies. In 2011 we launched the Marginal Investment, Risk & Return Assessment (MIRRA®) which allowed our private business clients to see their businesses reflected in the eyes of private equity and corporate acquirers and get ready for what may be the most important transaction of their lives.

Through collaborative negotiation and a deep understanding of the respective cultures, strategies and interests, we produce longer, happier and more lucrative relationships between multi-nationals and extra-ordinary private companies.

In May 2015, MergeCo become the exclusive Australian and New Zealand partner of Global M&A Partners, a global network of investment banking and corporate advisory firms covering 50 countries.